Benny and Boone Animal Comic Strip Characters

Animal Comic strip Characters from Benny and Boone

Meet The Comic Cartoon Characters
Benny Bear Benny is a mischievous little bear who likes to have fun and thinks of himself as a fierce grizzly.
Boone Bear Boone is Benny's older brother. He enjoys his leisure time, however living with Benny can be a challenge.
Rufus Wolf Rufus wolf is a proud leader of hikes, wilderness activities and sporting events in the Rocky Mountains.
Buzz Beaver Buzz Beaver is Boone's supportive friend. He believes Benny needs more discipline.
Spike Bear Spike is a gentle bear and Benny's friend. His kind, caring nature usually embarrasses Benny.
Flora Fox Flora Fox is motherly and nurturing. She try's to get everyone involved in activities such as campfire skits.
Kit Cougar Kit cougar is athletic and competitive. Boone avoids her fitness training sessions.


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Art by Bart  Children's Book Illustrations and Cartoon Illustration