Rocking Bear Fishing Craft

Rocking Bear Fishing craft wood, wire and modeling clay


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Wood, Wire and Crayola Model Magic

This fun Craft of a Bear Fishing rocking back and forth was made by using Model Magic wrapped around a small piece of wood, clothes hanger wire and a small fishing weight. This craft works well as a summer camp activity. Helpful Instructions are listed below.

Start with a small block of wood. Use Pine or Spruce 1 x 2 or 1 x 4. Cut the wood with a miter saw. Drill a hole for the wire clothes hanger fishing rod.

Craft instructions for Bear Fishing rocking back and forth

Crayola Model Magic Fusion is a good material to use for molding the bears head and Body.

Model Magic is a good material to use for molding the bears head and body.

model magic

1. Roll up a smooth round ball.

2. Use a pencil to poke a hole in bottom of the ball to fit over the screw.

3. Use a Popsicle stick to press and smooth out a snout.

4. Shape a nose and two ears and press onto the head. They will stick well.

5. Roll out two arms about 1.25 inches long and then bend. 

6. Make two hand shapes.

7. Smooth out a flat piece about 4” x 1.25” to wrap around the wood block.

8. Attach, mold and smooth the head and body pieces together.

9. Use craft paint to put the finishing touch to your Rocking Bear Fishing.

10. Add fishing rod. Place on shelf. Watch your bear rock back and forth.