Don't Get Lost In The Woods Survival Rules

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Do not get lost

lost in the woods hug a tree

Lost in the woods stay in one place children


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Keep from getting Lost in the Woods

- Tell Someone Where you are Going and When you will Return.
- Stay on Marked Trails and Go with a Friend.

Lost in the woods survival information      Lost in the woods hug a tree and stay in one place rule

Rufus Wolf gives Spike and Benny advice on what to pack in their Survival Kit.
1.  Water     2.  Trail Mix Snack     3. Hat - Keeps body heat in.
4.  Whistle - Three quick blasts is a Call for Help.
5. Orange Garbage Bag - Cut a hole for face to make a Poncho that will keep you
Warm and Dry. The color will help Searchers find you. Stay in one place.

Lost in the Woods - Rules For Survival

Survival happens when you Stay Warm and Dry while Waiting to be Found.

If you get Lost in the Woods, You Can Hug A Friend to Stay Warm.
Rufus Wolf tells Benny and Spike how to stay warm if they get lost in the woods

If You're Alone, Hug a Tree for Safety and Shelter.
Stay Calm, find a Warm Dry Waiting Place. Not a Hiding Place.
Lost in woods hug a tree

Stay in One Place or Area so Searchers Can Find you. Do Not Wander.
Lost in the woods advice for kids

Find a Dry Place Under a Large Tree.   Keep off the Cold Ground.
Make a bed from Dry leaves, moss, sticks and twigs.
Lost in the woods advice for kids

Don't Eat berries, mushrooms or anything that grows in the forest
unless you are sure of what they are.
Survival rules lost in the woods

Stay Away from Large Rivers and Lakes where you could Fall in.
Water can be found on Leaves in the form of Dew.
Surviving the outdoors information

Try to Look Bigger for Searchers.  If there is an Open space close by,
Make a Big X from Old Logs and Branches.
Searchers will find you stay calm

When You're Afraid Answer a Noise with a Noise !
Wild Animals will Run Away.  Searchers Will Find You.
Afraid in the forest, Answer a noise with noise