How to Draw a Cartoon Bear

How to Draw a bear animation


How to draw a cartoon bear instructions
Activity Sheet

The Benny and Boone Web Comic Strip presents How to Draw Benny Bear in 12 Easy Steps by using Circles, Ovals, Squares and Rectangles.

draw bear step 1
1.  Circle for Head.    2.  Oval for Snout.    3.  Small Oval for Nose.

draw bear step 2
4.  Two Circles for Ears.   5.  Two Ovals for Eyes.   6.  Half Circle for Mouth

draw bear step 3  
7.  Rectangle for Body.   8.  Two Squares for Arms.   9. Half Circles for Hands.

draw bear step 4
10. Two Squares for Legs.   11.  Two Ovals for Feet.   12.  Color Nose and Eyes.

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