Art by Bart Art Prints

Little Bear licking ice cream floating with balloons

Bear Floating with Balloons enjoying ice cream

Children Art prints Kids under an umbrella

Kids Umbrella Rain and Sunshine

Kids with umbrella art print

Kids Umbrella Rain and Sunshine b & w

Art Print by Barton Pedersen

Whee Pig Swinging

Art Print of Hockey player outdoors

Hockey Man at Outdoor Rink

Children Book Art Musical Letters

Custom Illustrations

Hi from Barton Pedersen, I am a Canadian, Artist who enjoys creating Humorous Prints and Illustrations. Stop by my ETSY Shop to view my Art Print listings and to check out my Benny and Boone Bear Comic Booklet. Contact me for Custom Illustrations.

The Humorous Art Print "Bears and Balloons" features a cute bear floating with balloons enjoying ice cream. " Whee Pig on a Swing" is another humorous art print that features a Happy Pig enjoying a swing. The Art prints are Giclée and are printed on high quality archival fine art paper.